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All donations go straight to the children and their needs. If you are interested in helping out financially, please make a donation here.

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If you are interested in adopting a child from China, please find out more.

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Volunteers with physical therapy training or special needs education are needed. If you are interested, please contact us.

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  • Christie Christie, Volunteer

    What a privilege it is to interact with Tianjin's orphans and the staff who help them! It's amazing how my actions and words (in English or Mandarin) speak love and warmth into their routine of life. I love visiting this special group of people each week.

  • Johanna-1 Johanna, Volunteer

    "Just a little hug, and an interest in how they are doing, already bring such big smiles on the faces of the residents! Seeing that, you simply want to spend more time with them. They need much love."

  • Megan Megan, Volunteer

    It is a privilege and joy to spend time with these beautiful children each week!

  • Esther Grace, Volunteer

    Children recognize and respond to care and attention. It's been so meaningful to share moments of fun and play as well as hold them in their tears and see their pain, in some small way to just be, and let that be a comfort. Thankful to ICCO for making these moments possible.